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established in the future


We as F.A.S.T.-Group form a young but also experienced and dynamic team that will advance the development of innovative ideas in aviation.

F.A.S.T. – Group distinguishes itself from potential competitors through decisive characteristics. Our team forms a combination of aeronautical know-how in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, specialists in simulator construction, experience in building highly complex and advanced simulation equipment and many years of business experience.

Core Team of F.A.S.T. - Group

Walter Drasl
Managing Partner

Former Airline Captain,
long-term experience in simulator businesses, entrepreneur

Markus Lankes
Chief Innovation Officer

Construction & Development, 

long-term experience in building 
Full-Flight Simulators of all kinds, entrepreneur

Till Borngräber
Member of the Executive Board

Airbus A320 Airline Pilot,
Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Business

Timo Schuster
Member of the Executive Board

Airbus A320 Airline Pilot,
Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Business

Sebastian Maudanz
Member of the Executive Board

Airbus A320 Airline Pilot,
Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Management

Thomas Gaßmann
Associated Partner

Helicopter Pilot,
Diploma in Business Administration, long-term experience in helicopter business, entrepreneur

Alexander Schaffler
Associated Partner

Internationally active consultant for flight simulator certification (FTD) and agent for flight simulators of all sizes and certification classes

About Us

We are an emerging and innovative company, aiming to deliver state-of-the-art simulation devices for eVTOLs, helicopter hoist operations and fixed-wing aircraft, such as the Airbus A320.

As F.A.S.T. - Group, our goal is to further improve training efficiency and quality by providing our customers with customized solutions. Cost effectiveness can be achieved with the help of latest technologies, e.g. Mixed-Reality.

We plan with the future in mind. F.A.S.T. - Group is built and managed by a young team from the beginning. We also safeguard our technical knowledge, both through our young project coordinators and through technical staff. From the very beginning, preserving our know-how has been our top priority.

Our unique feature: Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro/Ro). This technology enables us to increase flexibility for our customers by simply exchanging the cockpit without the need replace the entire flight training device, i.e. the moving platform and visual system.

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