FAST eVTOL Mixed Reality Full-Flight Simulator

FAST’s all-new eVTOL Mixed Reality Series X flight simulator combines highest standards with latest technologies to provide a highly realistic flying experience for a unique price-performance. In order to ensure the highest flexibility, we designed our MR Series X to be mobile and easy to ship and install.


Demonstration model

We provide the flight model and hardware as currently seen in Bremen.

Perfect for research projects and promotional use.

Generic model

Generic flight model with certification.

Details to be discussed when official regulations are known.

Type-Specific model

Specific eVTOL model and future certification. For use in future Type-Ratings for eVTOLs. Details to be discussed when official regulations are known.

The Advantages of Our MR Series X

To combine a highly realistic training environment with a compact, reliable and an affordable solution, FAST has developed the eVTOL MR Series X flight simulator for professional eVTOL pilot training. Cost effectiveness and higher safety standards in eVTOL pilot training will be achieved with the help of Mixed Reality technology, an enhanced Motion platform and our advanced flight simulation software. Mixed Reality allows to blend seamless the real physical cockpit with a perfect reconstructed virtual world beyond the cockpit glareshield for a more realistic view. In combination with our 6 DOF motion platform, pilots experience an authentic feeling as in a real eVTOL aircraft. Being ready for certification, we are ready to support your eVTOL pilot training with a full eVTOL pilot training concept. 




If you prefer a lease over a purchase, we provide a rental service for your event. We will provide the shipping, installation and service to make sure you have a pleasant experience. For further information, do not hesitate to contact our team. 

We will be happy to discuss the perfect training solution for you.