Helicopter Hoist Operation

Helicopter Hoist Operation Simulator 

Our HHO-S focuses on crew training regarding the teamwork between pilots and hoist operator. Combined in one training device, pilots and hoist operator can train these complex missions within the same training environment. The hoist operator uses Mixed Reality to see the virtual environment and to feel the real rope. Additionally, the pilots can fly training missions while gaining training credits in an FNPT II MCC certified H145 cockpit.


Mixed Reality

For the hoist operator, we use the same Mixed Reality glasses and create a similar environment as used in our eVTOL Mixed Reality Series X Flight Simulator.

CRM Training

We focus on crew training, especially between pilots and hoist operator. With our HHO-S, CRM can be trained on new standards.

Mobile Simulator

FAST's HHO-S is a mobile training device that can be folded up to the size of a regular container. We provide flexibility and mobility for more decentralization. 
On request, a fixed version is available too.


If you prefer to rent our HHO-S in future, we intend to provide a rental service including organization of shipping and installation. We will provide a mobile training solution in order to bring the training to your crews.