eVTOL Mixed Reality Series X Flight Simulator

By using the all-new Mixed Reality technology, pilot training will be improved in terms of safety, efficiency and time. In addition to the Mixed-Reality technology our simulator is fitted with a motion platform to increase realism. Due to its compact design, it is not only easy to ship but also easy to install and maintain. Our design ensures an easy interchangeability of cockpits, increasing flexibility for our customers.
Our simulators are up to the task.

Helicopter Hoist Operation Simulators

With our Helicopter Hoist Operation Simulators (HHO-S), we will offer an all-new experience in the training of current and future helicopter hoist operators and pilots. With the help of Mixed-Reality, our simulators will enable you to train your crews while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Fixed-Wing Simulators

Our Fixed-Wing Simulators are state-of-the-art products that allow a unique flying experience for leisure customers and professional pilots. We use original cockpits, e.g. one of an Airbus A320 and a high-end motion platform to provide a simulator that is not comparable to other simulators on the market. If you prefer flexibility in aircraft models for your training, we can ensure interchangeability to all our fixed-wing simulators. with our unique feature: RoRo (Roll-Off/Roll-On).


your questions answered

In order to future-proof any of our simulators, our customers need to be able to adapt to changing markets. That is why we design our full-motion simulators with the ability to interchange the cockpit with ease and speed. This means, that you may easily „roll-off“ one cockpit type and „roll-on“ another cockpit type so that our simulators are able to train different kinds of aircraft types.

In short: Yes, you can. We will be happy to discuss the use case of the simulator and provide assistance for organizing the shipping, installation and service. Feel free to contact us for inquiries. 

Our website is updated continuously. Watch our website for news and our further progress.

If you are interested in seeing our current developments or in testing one of our simulators, please contact us for further details. We will be happy to welcome you in Bremen or Berlin to try our simulators.