Fixed-Wing Simulators

Fixed-Wing Flight Simulators

FAST’s Fixed-Wing Flight Simulators are state-of-the-art products that allow a realistic flying experience for leisure customers and professional pilot training. 


We use original cockpits and an electric high-end motion platform. If you prefer to use our simulator for pilot training, we will provide the simulator with an FNPT II (MCC) certification. 

Our unique feature, Roll-off/Roll-on (Ro/Ro), will ensure interchangeability of cockpits to all our fixed-wing simulators. Ro/Ro will therefore increase flexibility and capacities for pilot trainings. 


Professional Pilot Training

Certifiable as an FNPT II MCC, our simulators are great tools for your training organisation. The original Airbus A320 cockpit offers an optimal environment for several use cases in pilot training, e.g. multi crew and instrument trainings.

Motion Platform

Our basic simulator starts as a fixed-based simulator. If you prefer a more realistic training environment, we will be happy to deliver your simulator with a sophisticated motion platform.

Multiple Use Cases

With over 30 years of experience in event management with flight simulation, we may generate further revenues for your flight school by using the simulator as an event platform. You provide the ATO, we handle the events.

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Our demonstrator Airbus A320 Full-Motion simulator (no certification) is based in Berlin, Germany, that is available for leisure flights only. For tailored solutions and further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.